• Journaling

    “I count myself among the number of those who write as they learn, and learn as they write.” – Augustine

Why Does John Piper Journal?

John Piper is a prolific journal-er in private — and many of you know that already. But why does he do it? Today we find out, thanks to this question from a podcast listener. “Pastor John, hello, my name is Danny. As a 19-year-old, I’m interested in starting a journal to track the outworking of God’s providence in my life. I know you have journaled for a long time. When did you start? Why did you start? How much time do you spend journaling each day? And why do you continue to do it today (assuming you still do)?”


"Journaling, for me, is part of a constant quest to see Christ and know Christ and enjoy Christ and be like Christ. I live to the glory of Christ."

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